5 Ecommerce trends to expect in 2017

Now that we’re in 2017 it is time to start looking at what trends are going to develop. This way, you can stay ahead of the competition and produce a better end product.If you think you would like to hire a company to keep you ahead of the trends check out web design Liverpool.

Mobile-Friendly web formats

Even if e-commerce sales will still somehow sway towards desktops, more and more buyers tend to prefer checking the content from a mobile device.
Between 65% and 75% of the entire Internet usage is from mobile devices as of 2017 according to a variety of reports. Considering this, it may suggest that a common internet user may use a smartphone or a tablet for 3 hours in a day.
This may influence content marketers and the most updated ones will concentrate on mobile friendly websites formats. Expect accelerated mobile pages being employed in e-commerce as well as developing mobile applications.

Video Domination over Traditional TV

The millennial generation strongly prefers digital video to traditional TV. This shows 18-year-olds and 34-year-olds. According to a recent study by YouTube and comScore, 35% of millennials choose to watch YouTube while 18% preferred traditional TV programming.
Now linking this to e-commerce, 74% of these millennials said they liked to watch branding or companies’ videos and those uploaded by institutions. The obvious thing is that content marketing is liked by the 74% of the millennials.
Savvy content marketers who have acknowledged this trend in 2017 will produce more videos. You should anticipate a dominance of video, especially for some big e-commerce dealings.

Artificial Intelligence

There could be various forms of artificial intelligence in relation to content marketing. Some forms may include prediction of what to write about, offering content experiences that are personalised, automated translation, among others.
Some e-commerce content marketers started machine generated content experiments. For instance, the marketers tried to develop product descriptions from products’ specifications list.
This may have some delay but it was definitely a discussion topic at important industry events. For example the Shop.org’s digital summit.
The coming year is expected to have an evolution of machine-generated content under the artificial intelligence’s heading.

Content Investment Increase

With the confidence and comfortability in content marketing that is growing in online marketers, specifically the sales-focused ones, it is possible for the e-commerce marketers to increase their content development and promotion investments.
According to a recent institute study for marketingProfs and Content Marketing, around 63% of the B2BC marketers surveyed had a change in their organisation’s content marketing. The survey speculated a content marketing being somehow, averagely or very successful for the marketers as compared to the previous year.
The Confidence’s increase in content marketing ought to influence its activity’s increase in 2017. There will be a more investment in e-commerce’s content promotion for marketers generally or specifically for some e-commerce marketers.
80% of a typical business’ content marketing will be invested into content creation. The 20% will go to advertising and promotion of content where it may shift more.
Some of the 2017 digital ads promoting the content you should expect include Pandora ads, YouTube pre-roll commercials and search engine ads.

Episodic Ecommerce Content Marketing

The admiration on the success of popular YouTube podcasts and shows may influence marketers in 2017 to have their episode based content of their own in 2017.
Ted Karczewski a content manager at a content provider, the Skyword, wrote about two distinct advantages that the episodes may at least possess.
One is an increased success that will be determined by the increased focus on the episodes. Content marketers will be forced to develop a better, clearer and a more organised programme by the need to develop a continuous series of e-commerce episodes.
The second advantage is the growth of your audience which will be determined by the style of provided information. More produced episodes will lead to more visitors for you according to Ted.

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